Travels of the Ambassadors


Have you seen either of our 19th USAWest Square Dance Convention Traveling Ambassadors? Oscar the Koala and Zahari the Zebra were sent out on their adventures at the 2019 USAWest Convention in Boise. We know that Oscar made it to dances in Montana, Kentucky, Indiana, New York, and a New England Square Dance Cruise. Zahari traveled from Washington to Virginia. But we haven't heard from either of them since late fall. If you have seen Oscar or Zahari, please let us know! You can post pictures to Facebook or send photos or other information to LPaul & Sally.

Our convention chairmen, LPaul & Sally, have sent two intrepid ambassadors out into the world to tell our fellow square and round dancers about the convention. They began their travels in Boise, ID at the 2019 USAWest convention. They are Oscar and Zahari. They are having a contest to see which of them travels the farthest and participates in the most square dance activities between the 2019 and 2022 conventions. Neither of them has traveled before, except to get here from their home countries, so they are excited to see the sights and make lots of new friends. Each left the Boise convention with a dancer who was willing to let them tag along on an adventure. They hope to travel far and wide before ending their travels in sunny San Diego.

They each have a passport so that the name, date, and location of the events can be recorded. They also have a journal so they can write about the fun they had, the people they met, and the sights they saw along the way. We are looking forward to hearing about their adventures and seeing the pictures that others may take of them so all of us can see what they've been up to. Their experiences will be posted here, so sit back and enjoy their trip.

Oscar & Zahari

Oscar the Koala hails from Australia and loves to snooze during the day, but becomes a real party animal in the evening.

Zahari the Zebra comes from Africa and is very proud of her unique pattern of stripes.

Their Adventures

September, 2019

In early September Oscar and the Knothead Jamboree ambassador were traveling with Carol Derbin.

We are packed and ready to leave Lexington, KY for
Indianapolis, IN, where we arrived on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday evening we made a run up to the Footloose square dance in
Anderson, IN which featured Darrin Henry calling. Then it was back to Indy.

On Tuesday morning we went to the Ten to Twelve square dance where we checked
out the flyer table. The dance was held close to the Mt. Comfort airport where we
were fitted for life preservers. Wow, I wonder where we are going next?

Thursday morning we boarded a bus for the trip to Brooklyn, NY. On
Sunday we are boarding the Carnival Sunrise for a cruise along the
New England coast!